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The Black List helps moviemakers find scripts they’ll love and puts you in touch with the people who have written them (or their representatives.)

It’s the most efficient way to find the script you’re looking for, or a script you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Simply rate the scripts you’ve read, and discover a real time list of Hollywood’s best scripts that’s filterable and sortable in a near infinite number of ways. We also generate personalized recommendations for you based on your individual taste profile.

Looking for a highly rated comedy about baseball set in New York that has a producer attached but not a financier?

A thriller set in China with the theme of revenge that you’re likely to like based on your taste?

You can find them, and quickly, here.

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Get your screenplay found

The Black List helps writers find people who will love their scripts and then puts those people in touch with you or your representatives.

It’s the most efficient way to make the film industry aware of your work whether you’re brand new or you’re represented at a major agency and have been doing this for decades.

Once you’ve added your script to our database, you’ll be able to monitor, in real time, the volume of interest it’s receiving and the response of those who have read it.

Think of it as a real time version of the annual Black List, super-charged by technology but still dedicated to supporting writers, first and foremost.

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