WIGS is excited to partner with the Black List to identify a new screenwriter for a digital series script deal. The primary focus of this program is to expand opportunities for undiscovered talent and potentially to find a great new writer to create our next hit digital series.

Launched in May 2012 by director/producers Jon Avnet ("Black Swan," "Fried Green Tomatoes," "Risky Business"), Rodrigo Garcia ("Albert Nobbs," "In Treatment," "Big Love") and Jake Avnet, WIGS is breaking new ground with award-winning scripted dramas for the digital age. The studio offers high-end original series, short films and documentaries, all starring female leads. Popular series include BLUE, about a single mother trying to protect her son from the consequences of her secret career as an escort, starring Julia Stiles, Mark Consuelos, Kathleen Quinlan, and Uriah Shelton; LAUREN, which explores the consequences of dealing with sexual assault in the military, starring Troian Bellisario and Jennifer Beals; and SUSANNA, about a career-minded woman who must adapt to motherhood overnight, starring Maggie Grace and Anna Paquin.

In February 2013, Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) entered into a multi-year pact with WIGS. The programming, marketing and distribution partnership is designed to expand the breadth of offerings through the WIGS channel, and test and nurture dramatic concepts and talent in the digital realm.

If you're not yet familiar with our content offerings, we encourage you to check out our full slate of programming at watchwigs.com.

To opt in for consideration for a blind deal with WIGS, please review the Submission Requirements, the Blind Commitment Agreement, and the Submission Agreement located in the left menu. Once you have reviewed these agreements, click on the registration link below to register and upload your pilot or screenplay.

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How will the process work?

On May 6, the Black List will determine a short list of writers based on all data available about scripts which have been opted into consideration on the site. Each short listed participant will be asked to additionally submit a professional resume and one page personal statement, which will be reviewed by the WIGS team along with their script. WIGS will look to choose a writer from the short list to be the recipient of the digital series script deal.

Is this a case where the person who buys the most evaluations will make the Short List?

Not at all. Certainly more data allows the Black List to make more confident decisions about the strength of the scripts on the site, but by no means is it necessary or recommended to buy up evaluations to improve your chances of being selected.

When is the deadline?

The Black List will determine the short list based on available data about opted in scripts through May 6.

My script was on the site a while ago, but I took it down to work on a rewrite. Does a script have to be live on the site to be considered?

To be considered for this Program, a script need only be live on the site for a minimum of one week during the submission period. If your script has not been hosted during that submission period, we recommend reactivating the script for one week at some point during this submission period.

Can I submit multiple scripts for consideration?

Yes, but be aware that since the opportunity is for participation in the WIGS Blind Script Deal, the totality of a writer's submissions will be considered by the Black LIst in determining the Short List and only the writer's strongest script will be shared with WIGS to inform their final decision.

I live outside the US. Can I still apply?

Yes, you may. Please note, however, that if you are selected for the WIGS Blind Script Deal, your services may be required in the U.S. All persons selected will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire.

May I opt-out of the WIGS Blind Script Deal after I have opted-in?

Yes, you may opt-out of the WIGS Blind Script Deal any time prior to the submission deadline. If you wish to opt-out, go back to the submission page and click the "Opt out" link next to the script you wish to opt out.